Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Inspired By a Small Hand Pianist!

Pianist with Small Hands: Inspiring Article & Video!

Even though I’m not a small handed pianist…I sometimes experience the feeling of having small hands due to challenging passages in music.  While in high school I would always roll a 10th in the left hand.  However…after playing a 10th with a gentle “rolled” movement over time….I found that I had stretched my left hand span and soon began playing solid 10ths!

While researching pianists with small hands, I came across the following inspiring article and video!



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free Piano Offertory: The Old Rugged Cross

 For years, I have tried coming up with my own arrangement
of "The Old Rugged Cross" but nothing ever came of it.

Recently, I lost a piano student/friend to a tragic accident.
Through the healing time...God has given me an arrangement
that I hope will be a blessing to you.

For this free arrangement of "The Old Rugged Cross"....
click on the following link:

"The Old Rugged Cross"...free piano arrangement

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Program Re-Cap!

We had our Christmas cantata this past Sunday night.
The Lord helped us all present the important message
of salvation through song and drama.  We performed
"Christmas at Home"  by Ron and Shelley Hamilton.

Now, it's time to take notes for improvement or to record
things we'd like for future programs.

Here are several things to remember when making that list:

*Start practicing early enough in the year to compensate
for missed practices due to revivals or other special meetings
that require extra preparedness for the choir.

*Did everyone have their cues in order for things to run smoothly?
(Sound crew needs a script to turn mics on and off at the right time)

*Have Pastor make necessary announcements the evening of the
program to ensure a smooth and peaceful night in the congregation.
(Example: nursery provided for young ones, no flash photography, etc.)

*Video camera should be in a place ABOVE the congregation to avoid
catching glimpses of people leaving or coming during program which
can block view of performance. Our whole purpose for videoing is
to capture memories and to eventually show the choir sometime in
the near future.  Seeing their performance will excite them...
as they get a chance to see and truly experience the program as a
whole.  The video also gives us something to view after the fact
to see how to improve. We all need to strive to do our very best to
communicate God's message of salvation.

These are just a few things to think over for next year's
Christmas program.

Adequate preparedness results in a more effective gospel message.

The following Bible verse keeps me in focus...
Colossians 3:23 "And whatsoever ye do, do it HEARTILY,
as to the Lord, and not unto men."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Congregational Playing

Some church pianists have been taught that it's necessary to play every melody note during congregational singing.  If you're one of these pianists....you're missing out on all the fun!

The more well-known the melody is to the audience...the more I deviate from the melody.  How to do so without getting lost?  I think in chord frames while singing the melody in my head.

Learning the chords by number system will enable the church pianist to manuever through a hymn without
getting lost.  Much to learn!  

Visit my site for improvising tips for congregational singing at:

The Church Pianist

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Most Embarrassing Moment as Church Pianist

 I'll never forget the most embarrassing moment I had as a young
church pianist at the age of fifteen.  I was playing for the invitation and the sustain pedal broke.

I can still remember the song I was playing..."Just as I Am".
All I could hear was"Plunk plunk plunk... plunk plunk plunk plunk....."

My dad was the song leader and he just gave me this "what is going on?" look.
I tried acting like nothing was wrong but it was just TOO obvious :)
 Needless to say...the invitation seemed a little shorter that day.

Anybody else have an embarrassing moment as church pianist
that you're willing to share?  Feel free!

New site:  The Church Pianist

Monday, August 15, 2011

Free Piano Arrangement of At the Cross

I just shared a free piano arrangement of "At the Cross".  The arrangement is piano accompaniment for the congregation singing unison or can be used to accompany a vocal solo.

Click here to access this free piano arrangement of "At the Cross".